Stiletto Stoppers $12.95

Stiletto Stoppers high heel protectors from Secret Weapons are the perfect solution for the races, garden parties or weddings where standing on grass is par
for the course! Avoid that sinking feeling when walking and protect your heels from dirt and grass with our high heel stoppers.

Walk tall and avoid the embarrassment of getting your stilettos stuck in the turf with these diamond faceted heel stoppers. With a universal fitting system for heels measuring 6mm to 13mm in diameter, our heel stoppers are easy to put on and even easier to take off and store. Also perfect for preserving precious indoor timber floors, our Stiletto Stopper prevent pock-marking of floors.

Stiletto Stoppers heel protectors come in crystal clear and black to compliment every stiletto heel and are boxed with their own handy little drawstring pouch, so they won’t get lost when it’s time to take to the dance floor!

So if you need to protect your heels, or your timber floors from the perils of walking on grass or other soft surfaces, get Stiletto heel stoppers today.

There is an international “patent pending”on these Australian designed high heel protectors.

Stiletto Stoppers high heel protectors from Secret Weapons – keeping you on your toes!

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